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Latest Design Trends for London’s Residences: Summer 2019

Posted by on 09/07/2019
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At Setha, we have been busy developing more properties within our London portfolio, and in the process, we’ve fallen in love with some of summers latest design trends.

Setha’s CEO Manuel Alsoni says, “We want the people who stay and live in Setha properties to enjoy them as much in summer as they do in winter. So we give our designers the challenge of creating spaces that can be enjoyed to the full in summer, but within the practical boundaries of London living which often means, limited space, limited light, limited outdoor areas and many months of colder weather.”

To achieve this, we work with designers and architects like The Italian Job at a detailed level, and they have truly embraced the challenge this year. We make full use of sunlight models which forecast where light will track throughout the day and throughout the year. This means we can use these models to plan where furniture and interiors will be best placed.

Here are the latest design trends that we’ve noticed and loved in London’s residences in summer 2019:



When the sun shines in London, it’s time to soak up the light, top up Vitamin D levels and get sociable. Where possible, our properties continue to feature full-length windows that let the light in, like our new flats right by Borough High Street.

Setha Borough Apartments



Although we let the light in where possible, the reality of London living is that there will always be some low lit areas. But darker areas are not always a bad thing, in fact, they are needed! An area in a space with a low light level is ideal for a bedroom, as most people enjoy sleeping in a slightly darker space. A low lit sleeping area can always be brightened with low-level mood lighting and task lighting inside wardrobes, near a dresser and especially by a bedside table or above a headboard for late night reading before bed.

It can also be an ideal spot for placement of TV or AV/projector screens, so as to avoid glare on the screen. Spotlights or recessed LED’s can help to create a ‘wash’ of light in these areas too for when you can’t quite find the remote (or the popcorn!).

Hotel Room, Bed, Pillows, Room, Hotel, Bedroom, Lamp



With the sun setting around 9pm during London summers, enjoying that outdoor feeling in the comfort of your inner city apartment can feel very luxurious! A deck decorated with shrubs, herbs and pots, is easily London’s hottest summer trend.  Spritz anyone?

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Easy to maintain decks are ideal for London living,  which is why we love the variety of composite decking that is now available.  As opposed to traditional decking options, composite decking requires little to no maintenance work and can hardly be distinguished from traditional wooden decking. Composite decking is made of recycled wood and plastic and offers high-quality weather protection and durability. Brands like Dino Decking and Arbor Deck  make a wide variety of options that won’t stain, split rot or fade.

If there is no outdoor possibility, which is often the case in London, we try to bring the outdoors by encouraging our interior designers to incorporate plants where possible. Not only do they bring the outdoors in, but they also filter the air we breathe – a huge relief for any urban dweller.

Red, White, Black, Living, Room, Plant, Flowers

Whether you can create a deck to enjoy in summer, or simply bring some plants into your indoor space, we simply don’t think a Setha property is finished unless some luscious plants are placed in areas where they will thrive.

PS. If you don’t have a green thumb and want to know what plants to put where this is the book for you: Plant Style: How to Greenify Your Space.



If you haven’t been hit by a wave of velvet sofas yet, you might have been living under a rock.  Yes, the gemstone tones and a tactile touch of velvet is undeniably appealing, however, we have noticed a different trend.

Linen sofas are emerging in some of London’s most luxuriously appointed residences and we love them! Unlike velvet, linen is the fabric of summer and its muted tones (duck egg blues, french beiges, powder pinks) are undeniably classic. Matched with oak floors and natural textures, a linen sofa can identify the space it’s in as classy and yet relaxed at the same time.

Cool to the touch, and easy to clean, linen fades well and is a delight to lounge in, especially in the summer months.

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Expect to see these trends in more of Setha’s upcoming properties.


Setha is founded by Italian property expert Manuel Alsoni. Setha creates beautifully designed properties without the luxury price tag.






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